Club Membership

What is true of the game, also applies to the Club Membership and the Clubhouse. The spirit and image of a Golf Club is projected by the way members show respect, courtesy and consideration for one another. The standards of a Golf Club may be judged by the etiquette of its member


$1330 + $53.35 Golf
6 free game vouchers
Free hat and polo shirt


$968 + $48.50 Golf Aust.
Discounted green fees
Discounted cart hire

City Member

55 Km Distance From Club

$824 + $53.35 Golf Aust.
Play socially anytime
Enter all competitions


Member of another golf club

$617 + $53.35 Golf Aust.
Residents > 55km away
Play socially anytime

Pay As You Play

Not playing member in previous 12 months

$522 + $53.35 Golf Aust.
+$17 for each competition


For the new golfer

$381 + $53.35 Golf Aust.
+ $20 for each competition


22-35 years old

$522 + $53.35 Golf Aust.
Full playing rights
10 handicap

Junior 1

18 to 21 years old

$205 + $53.35 Golf Aust.
Full playing rights

Junior 2

12 to 18 years old

$102 + $39.75 Golf Aust.
Full playing rights

Under 12 years

No set fee, but a Golf Aust.
Affiliation Fee $39.75
Accompanied by a guardian

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Interpretation of the Rules

The Management Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Club’s Constitution and Club policies. The decision of the Management Committee upon any question of interpretation or upon any matter which is not provided for in the Constitution, conditions of play or Club policies, shall be final and binding upon the members.

The player with the lowest handicap shall be the captain of the group and is responsible for the observance of the rules of golf, local rules and course etiquette.
All Players are required to carry a bucket of sand to fill all divot holes. Ball marks on greens are to be repaired before leaving to play the next hole.
Foot and club marks are to be raked out before leaving the bunker. Players should refrain from walking up the face of bunkers, except when playing the ball.
Care should be taken not to damage the edge of the hole or the green surface when removing and replacing the flagstick.
Call following players up immediately, when the ball is difficult to find. Competition competitors have the "right of way" on the course at all times.
In taking practice swings players should avoid causing damage to the course (by removing divots) particularly on the tees.
In the course of their duty, Ground Staff have the "right of way" at all times. Metal Spikes are barred on the course.