Murray Bridge Golf Club is widely recognised today as one of the best country courses in the state. It has approximately 500 local and non-local members. Its 18 holes are watered by a fully automated sprinkler system which was installed in 1989, and like many of the course’s features has been added to and improved continuously since that time.

In 1971 a water diviner was called in and a bore was sunk on the ninth fairway.. Water was found at around 60M, but it was of such poor quality it was not really suitable. Later that year members voted to seek an overdraft of $1500 at 6% over 5 years to install a watering system to water what was known as “the summer nine” using town water supply. In conjunction with the Murray Bridge Racing Club, 10 years later a scheme to pump water from the river to a holding tank adjacent to both courses for sharing was developed. The additional water then allowed for the construction of a complete green course of 18 watered fairways and tees. The next step was the conversion to the existing fully automated system in 1989.

Clubhouse improvements continued with the opening of a new architecturally designed club house in 1972 and then greatly extended and improved in 1987-88 to the high standards enjoyed by member today. Following, in 1984, a much improved and much needed office area was built and the addition of a gaming machine area in 1989 that helps maintain finances. The clubhouse is now very inviting with superb views onto the course from the main dining room.

Improvements are an ongoing feature of both the course and the clubhouse in providing ever increasing facilities for members and visitors, both from the playing aspect, as well as the social aspect of being a member of the Murray Bridge Golf Club.